Collection: Cherry and Maple Wood Cutting and Charcuterie Boards

Chef Todd crafts these boards out of cherry wood and maple wood.

Cherry is a wood which Chef Todd reminisces about from his childhood when he would go to his Grandmother and Grandfather's ranch house and pick cherries from their trees. 

American cherry wood, which reddens with age and exposure to sunlight, has a mesmerizing kaleidoscope grain pattern.  Cherry trees produce wood of several color variants in the same tree.  While all of our boards are a lighter subtle and overt color,  over time, they will often develop into a deeper cherry color which is a very beautiful process to observe.

American Maple also brings back remembrances of Chef Todd's childhood.  Camp fire breakfasts at his Grandpa Gus's cabin in Placerville, Idaho were a necessary start to braving the cold of the Idaho Winters or the heat of the Summers.  Griddle cakes with maple syrup and maple smoked bacon were cooked on the wood burning stove each morning and served up to the plethora of grand kids and their friends that Grandpa Gus would take up to the mountains regularly to get away from the "Big City" of Boise. 

American maple trees are beloved for producing maple syrup, their stunning fall foliage, their distinct flavor they impart to smoked foods, especially pork products,  and, of course, for their wood which is used extensively for chopping blocks and cutting boards.  Maple trees also produce wood of several color variants from the same tree, from white to silvery bronze, the wood color may change with exposure to light, but will not morph like the cherry does.

The boards are all hand made. Because of differences in the raw lumber, the boards will have minor variations in sizes.  Some boards  have some finished live edges which are very beautiful.  If you prefer a board with a live edge, please specify in the notes when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  If not specified, a board with all straight edges will be sent.

All of the our boards are sealed with 4 coats of tung oil.   They are entirely food safe for displaying food on and safe for using as cutting boards.  If the sole purpose will be for use as a cutting board, it is recommended that a maple board be ordered as the wood is a tad bit harder and will wear better over time.  

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